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 Making dental health a priority for your pet encompasses more benefits than just pearly white teeth and fresh breath; it can mean maintaining total body health for your pet as well. Left untreated periodontal disease can cause changes in the liver, kidneys, and heart. At Raritan Animal Hospital we have several options for your pet to help keep him or her healthy.


If your pet already has progressive signs of periodontal disease such as bad breath, red gums, yellow or brown crust near the gum line, and even some loose teeth, a dental cleaning is recommended. A dental cleaning is performed using methods very similar to those used in human dentistry except your pet is anesthetized during the procedure. Your pet’s teeth will be scaled free of tartar, polished clean, and treated with fluoride. The condition of each tooth will be charted and recorded in your pet’s medical record and any loose or diseased teeth will be extracted with the aid of a high speed drill.


Our newest dental tool at the practice is digital dental radiology. With this tool we are able to evaluate dental disease below the gum line and better determine those teeth requiring extraction. Areas where a tooth appears to have fallen out naturally, may in fact have remnant roots intact below the gum line that need to be removed.


Once clean, we offer the option of placing an oral sealant on your pet’s teeth called Oravet™. This sealant protects your pet’s teeth and can slow the formation of plaque and tartar extending the time between dental cleanings. Once applied, the barrier will need to be maintained with a weekly application of gel from the Oravet™ home kit which will be sent home with you after your pet’s cleaning.



Other options available to help maintain your pet’s oral health include regular brushing with enzymatic toothpaste that has been formulated for dogs or cats. Oral rinses and water additives, such as CET Oral Rinse or CET Aquadent, are a great additive to brushing to help reduce the amount of plaque forming bacteria present in the mouth.Prescription diets such as Hill’s T/D are an effective method to help lessen the formation of tartar on your pet’s teeth. Treats such as CET Chews are also available in various sizes for dogs as well as two flavors, fish or chicken, for cats. These treats, like dental diets, also help to decrease the ability of plaque to form on the tooth surface.






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