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Expert veterinary care in Edison, New Jersey since 1929.


The Raritan Animal Hospital was founded in 1929 by Dr. Mark Morris. Dr. Morris was a graduate of Cornell Veterinary School in 1926. A pioneer in the field of companion animal medicine, Dr. Morris was among the first veterinarians to focus on bringing biochemical analyses into clinical practice. He had one of the only veterinary clinical pathology laboratories in the country.

Dr. Morris had a close relationship with the Seeing Eye organization, where in 1939 he diagnosed Buddy II, a Seeing Eye dog, with kidney failure. At the time, there were no therapies for managing kidney disease in dogs. Dr. Morris recognized that protein (nitrogen) restriction was valuable in preserving kidney function, and he developed a diet called “Raritan Ration C” for the sickly dog.


As Buddy improved on the diet, veterinarians got word of the success and began to request more of the diet. The demand was so high that it was more than Dr. Morris’ wife, Louise, could handle. In 1948, Dr. Morris teamed up with the Hill’s Packing Company, and thus was born the first veterinary diet, K/D. As Dr. Morris’ diet grew in popularity, he began to donate a portion of the proceeds to research studies for companion animal medicine. The Morris Animal Foundation was thus founded, and continues to be a steady force in the advancement of companion animal medicine.

historypicsThe practice was leased by several veterinarians for years until Dr. Earle Peterson joined in 1963. At that time, there was a local funeral home interested in purchasing the building. Dr. Peterson decided to buy the practice outright at that time, and with his help, the practice grew and blossomed. In 1973, he opened the Piscataway Animal Clinic located on Stelton Road in Piscataway. This was the first outpatient clinic associated with the Raritan Animal Hospital. Dr. Peterson retired from the practice in 1990.

In 1981, Dr. Gary Quinn joined the staff of the veterinary hospital. Two years later, he became a partner at the practice, and helped open the Oak Tree Animal Clinic in North Edison. Also in 1983, Dr. Chris Laffoon joined the practice after finishing his veterinary education at the University of Pennsylvania. They were joined by Dr. Salatiello in 1985. Together, the three partners opened the Hopelawn Animal Clinic in Fords, NJ. The practice is proud to have maintained private ownership for over 80 years and views it’s staff as a family.

The Raritan Animal Hospital continues to be closely involved in both the veterinary community and the local community. In recent years, Dr. Laffoon served on the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners. The hospital is supportive of local rescue groups and members of the staff also volunteer at career fairs, pet expos, and local fundraising events; teaching people about pet care.

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Clinic hours subject to change. If clinic is closed please call Raritan Animal Hospital 732-985-0278 for assistance.

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